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Speak out teens!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Can we Talk?

Who do you talk to when you need to talk?

Results from our research, unfortunately most teens either do not have anyone to talk to or they will just rather not talk to anyone. Seems we rather keep our problems to ourselves, maybe we feel they're not able understand our problems. Big parts of the teen like me are afraid to show our problems and don't want to stress others. We think others have their own problems and not want to add more to them.

To us, best friends are the closest to us and most likely the one that is able to understand us. Someone we really trust. They know enough about us to be able to give us a solution.

For sure our family will always be on our side, but there is some exceptions where family is the the main enemy to the teen and the stress causing factor. Not everyone has this problem and find help in their mom or older siblings perhaps of their prior experience in life.

In conclusion, friends and family are a big part of our problems to stress for which we will end up alone, keeping everything to our selves.

  1. No One
  2. Best Friends
  3. Older siblings
  4. Mom
  5. Pillow / Stuffed Animals
  6. Pet

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